The provision of legal services to the Client may comprise, according to the instructions given by the Client, any legal activities, including legal counselling, preparation of documents and/or submission of documents in the name of the Client, representation of the Client in negotiations with third persons, upon entry into transactions, in disputes in court, in pre-trial procedures, with administrative authorities, in arbitration court and elsewhere, and participation in any other legal acts in the interests and/or in the name of the Client. The Firm provides advice to Clients only in the area of law, not for example any financial, accounting, environmental or technical advice.

The Firm is entitled to request the Client to make an advance payment in a reasonable extent for the fee for legal services and reimbursable costs before commencing the provision of legal services.

In addition to the fee for legal services, the Client shall reimburse the Firm for the direct costs incurred in relation to the provision of legal services, including the state fees, notary fees and other fees and charges paid on behalf of the Client, transportation and accommodation costs, costs of translation, costs of an expert’s or specialist’s assistance and costs of using technical equipment as well as costs related to acts that are ordinarily not covered by legal services.